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Sleek, Accurate Reliable Breathalyser
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alcosafe breathalyser - accurate

Breathalyzer by AlcoSAFE - We have been supplying high quality, reliable breathalyzers to the UK and World markets for a number of years. Trusted technology and fuel cell technology means our breathalyzer is now one of the leading brands available.


AlcoSafe™ CA10 breathalyzers contain a superb fuel cell sensor which offers unrivalled accuracy at this price point. An easy read Bi-Colour system makes the breathalyzer very easy to use. It will give you a digital read out but also a red or green light, ensuring a simple, non confusing, easy read, accurate result - every time.


AlcoSafe™ breathalyzers feature hugely improved sensor technology compared to many of the budget, cheaper models on the market and offer reliable and consistent performance, with long term stability and reliability.


Advancements in sensor reliability and accuracy have been merged with an easy, one touch menu control:


EVT - Electronic Flow Check Breathalyzer Technology

One touch menu operation

Auto Shut Down

Error Sensing Technology



alcosafe breathalyser - sleek


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accurate, sleek, reliable and simple breathalyser

breathalyser features dect

 breathalyser features evt

alcosafe breathalyser featuring an aesy read traffic  light display




alcosafe breathalyser - reliable

AlcoSafe™ breathalyzer feature

superb BCSS (bi-colour safe system) technology which clearly lets you

know when you are approaching or

over the drink drive limit. No need to

worry about interpreting the reading -

The AlcoSafe™ BCSS

system lets you know when you are safe

Know your limit.


The brand new 'S' series fuel cell sensor

much lower 'drift' over time than

other replaceable sensor breathalyzer

models on the market, meaning that

your AlcoSafe™ KX6000S

breathalyser stays accurate.


A sensor cleaning system

quickly removes and eradicates any

alcohol residue between tests, ensuring

a reliable, accurate result each time.


Reliable breathalyzer accuracy.

Accurate, Sleek Reliable technology

Buy AlcoSafe CA10 breathalyzer


Know your limit. Don't Risk It !






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